1/4-mile world record in this new HYPERCAR

Seating position is a hugely important factor for a racecar driver. Sitting in the right position in the car can provide the driver with the correct balance, allowing them to maintain control of the vehicle and strategize their racing line. The ideal seating position will provide the driver with a clear view of the track ahead, proper leg and arm positioning for maximum control, and the ability to move quickly and easily to adjust the cars handling. The seat should also be adjusted to the driver's body type, allowing them to be comfortable and secure during the race.

Check out this video of former F1 driver Max Chilton showing off the interior of this incredible McMurtry Automotive car. 


Pro-Seat custom seat inserts are a great benefit for racecar drivers. They provide a tailor-made fit to the driver's exact body type. This ensures that the driver is comfortable and secure in the car, and that his or her spine is properly supported. Additionally, our custom seat inserts can be designed to provide extra cushioning for the driver, which can help reduce fatigue and improve performance. Furthermore, custom seat inserts can be designed to reduce vibrations and other external disturbances which can affect a driver's focus and concentration. Finally, custom seat inserts can be designed to provide the driver with a greater range of motion, allowing them to better manoeuver the car and respond to changing conditions on the track.


Team Pro-Seat

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