Our Services

Pro-Seat provides fully custom resin moulded removable seat cushions, bespoke to the driver and vehicle. The system has been developed over 25 years. Our products meet all current FIA standards for use in all forms of international motor racing. Seat cushion and cover materials are flame retardant. The product is extremely lightweight.

Pro-Seat offers a trackside or workshop service to the customer. Final fit and trim will be completed at time of appointment. When possible, the driver will be allowed to use the seat for one practice session before it is covered, in order to ensure no further modifications are required.

All products will be fully covered in Pro-Seats unique flame-retardant material. The material is easy to clean and maintain. The drivers name and any logo can be embroidered onto the seat (assuming booking is confirmed prior to any trackside work).


Base Seat/Primary Cushion

A base seat will be built into the existing seat shell or cockpit of the car. In the case of multiple drivers all needing seats, the base will typically be the largest driver, and subsequent drivers use inserts. In a GT type vehicle with an existing sports seat, all manufacturer material can be removed (in respect of any regulation) and replaced with the custom moulded insert.



An insert cushion is used to essentially fit inside a base seat, in the case of multiple drivers. The insert is easily removable, providing a quick and easy option for driver changes during a race. In the case where the seat shell of the vehicle is deemed too smaller a size for a base seat, an insert will be offered instead.


A much smaller version of the system is available in cases where localised support is required by the driver. The most common use of this is to offer extra leg support in situations where the driver is happy with the rest of the seat.


Airbags are a quick and effective method of adding support in areas where the drivers are generally using the same seat. They can be built into the seat and are inflatable/de-flatable very quickly for when driver changes occur. This is done by a simple hand pump.


Corbeau and Pro-Seat

In 2013 Pro-Seat International forged a Joint Venture with the renowned competition seat manufacturer Corbeau.


  • Established in 1963 Corbeau is synonymous with excellence in competition seating, producing seats for all levels of motorsport where a bolt-in seat shell is required.
  • Having tried other custom moulded seats the new Managing Director Vic Lee, long time motorsport colleague of Trevor Powell called Pro-Seat with an urgent request to make BTCC inserts in their Revenge carbon Seat Shells.
  • Once the contact had been established a joint venture was inevitable and we have gone from strength to strength since.
  • The benefits to Pro-Seat are obvious: we have a strong presence in areas of motorsport where traditional seats are mandatory, BTCC, DTM and all other forms of Saloon car racing.
  • The benefits to Corbeau are also obvious they get a strong presence in areas of motorsport where only custom made seat inserts are essential: F1, GP2, F3, LMP etc.
  • With our combined seating experience totaling 75 years we are unrivaled in our specialised fields and have achieved our 100th combined anniversary together.


Colloid Technology© ™ System Protective Seat Cushion

Pro-Seat is the most essential, cost effective aftermarket part you will ever buy and all this for less than a set of tyres.


Resin Bonded Colloid Technology©

The resin bonded colloid technology© ™ system for motorsport was invented by Pro-Seat in 1990. We use a unique blend of beads and resins to produce a durable colloid technology© ™ material which exhibits incredible properties ideal for motorsport and other extreme applications where strength, durability, insulation and energy absorption are essential.

Driver Comfort

The seat works by a simple but essential fact; by making close accurate contact with the body of the driver, the weight of the body is distributed over such a large surface area that the load is spread evenly. The space between the driver and the chassis is filled and remains so with no shrinkage.


Energy Absorbtion

Any loading on the body, is absorbed first by the load spreading and then by the energy absorbing properties of our unique Pro-Seat materials, the close fit with no gaps also minimizes inertia.


Unparalleled Support

The seat cushions we produce are unique to you and give unparalleled support and comfort. The properties all add up to reduce fatigue, increase impact resistance and ultimately improve driver performance.


GM Tested

Our materials were tested in 1996 by General Motors in the USA to determine their suitability for use in USA based Motorsport Championships. The results were unsurprisingly the same as the MIRA test results.


Custom Made

The unique colloid technology system was developed in 1990 by Trevor Powell, as a totally new concept in the production of individually tailored, custom made, race car seating.


Driver Focussed Design

The Pro-Seat system allows the driver time to achieve the optimum cockpit position and correct fit. The accuracy of the fit not only improves the comfort of the driver, but can lead to highly improved levels of chassis feedback. It truly allows the driver to become part of the car.


Cost Effective

Pro-Seat is a long established, cost-effective alternative to any other seat cushion. It is custom made with unique energy absorbing materials, which are vacuum formed around the driver. The system is suitable for all motorsport applications from Karting to Formula One.



The Pro-Seat system has been successfully used in all motorsport applications and we are pleased to be associated with over fifty world champions. The seats are long lasting and some are known to be still in use after ten years.


MIRA Tested

Our unique materials have been independently tested at MIRA. The test results are available at our MIRA test data page.